Having a baby is a wonderful blessing, and of course most expectant women are concerned first and foremost with the health of their child and that they have a successful delivery. However, once that’s over they then begin to think about getting back to their life, and about how to lose weight after having a baby.

It’s true that you’ll leave some of that weight back in the delivery room but it’s going to take some  effort to get back to where you were before, especially if you have got used to eating for two.

There’s no need to get discouraged though; losing weight after pregnancy is easily possible if you make a plan to accomplish this and then stick to it.  While we obviously can’t do the work for you, we might make it a bit easier with these tips and hints.

First of all, bear in mind that losing weight after pregnancy may not be as easy as you think it will be and may take longer than you expect; the reason you need to realise this is because it’s too easy to get down when the weight doesn’t just melt right off and even throw in the towel.

Remember that it took you nine months to put the weight on so it might possibly take you that long if not longer to get it back off, depending on your own metabolism.

It’s also easy to think that you can make all these plans and goals for losing weight after pregnancy and will stick to them religiously but once your new baby comes home you can be easily taken off guard.

You will be surprised by how much of your time and attention it will capture, and how exhausted you’ll be in chasing after it.  You might think you’re going to spend every afternoon during his or her nap running on the treadmill only to find that you succumb to nap-time yourself.

This is actually a very good thing, as being physically exhausted and not getting enough rest are very dangerous things for a new mother’s health.  While losing weight after pregnancy needs to be a priority for you, taking care of your health overall should be more of a priority.

What can be helpful is to take care of the baby and your weight losing programme at the same time.  Invest in a good stroller and take regular walks, be active with the baby rather than just sitting in front of the television watching Sesame Street, play with blocks or stuffed animals. Once he or she can crawl, get down on the floor and crawl around with the baby .

And remember too that while you want to make your baby’s care the most important thing, don’t fall prey to hiding behind him or her as an excuse to not exercise or be physically active enough for losing weight after your pregnancy.  The baby can sit in a swing or baby seat next to you while you walk on the treadmill or do some aerobics.  You can also do some heavy-duty housework as well; this too is good physical activity that can burn extra calories and help with your plan of losing weight after pregnancy.  Put some sunscreen on the baby and do some gardening or run the vacuum vigorously.

Some women find it helpful to enlist the help of others when trying to lose weight after pregnancy.  Schedule some time when someone else can baby-sit, say a couple of times per week so that you can go to the gym or do some aerobics at home.  This might be hard when the baby first arrives home but once he or she is a few months old there’s nothing wrong with having grandma or a favourite aunt fill in for a few hours here and there.  If there are other mothers you know you watch their baby for a few hours in exchange for them watching yours.

To be successful at losing weight after pregnancy you need to make a firm plan of action and then stick to it.  Be gentle with yourself, of course, but don’t allow yourself to get too side-tracked in your quest to lose those bulges.  Work exercise back into your regular schedule, watch what you eat, and you’ll be back to your old trim self before you know it.