Take a look at our table decoration ideas and table centres inspiration. Beautiful and, in particular, unusual table decoration and table centres can make an enormous difference to the feel of your event. It means that how you personally choose to decorate your tables gives you an opportunity to create that very individual  feel for your special occasion.

Whether you opt for an elegant or traditional style of table decoration or whether you decide to have a fun and funky look it can completely reflect your own personality or the theme of the event.

Putting together a group of well-decorated tables, or even one large stunning table, is enormously satisfying especially when comments of admiration and appreciation fly round the room. You may in the end decide to just stick to simple, run-of-the-mill decorations for your event, such as scattered table confetti, freeze-dried rose petals or candles, however if you would like some help on how to decorate party tables check out the ideas listed below for some unusual thoughts on table decoration.

Use balloons as a cheap table centre by anchoring balloon strings to a pretty plant pot half-filled with stones. To hold it steady then fill the remainder with overflowing freeze-dried rose petals or pretty sweets.

Decorate a central buffet table at an outdoor party with a colourful fruit tower –see first picture.

For truly elegant table decorations place a group of about five to seven tall and slender golden champagne glasses in the centre of every table. Then fill them with loose imitation pearls and secure a large cream orchid into the top of each one.

In early summer you can create a beautiful miniature lilac tree table centre by tying four or five dainty flowering lilac branches together with raffia to form a lilac “tree” and then place in a square glass vase full of lilac coloured pebbles. This is ideal as a table centre to decorate a large single buffet table.

To create a country-style appearance for your table use natural coloured crockery, tie napkins with raffia, heap country sack gift bags, filled with loose lavender, in the centre of the table, then cut wild daisy heads and scatter them around the bags and all over the table for a naïve rustic look.

For simple but effective table decorations place attractive smooth pebbles at the bottom of a shaped or square glass vase, fill with water and float bright gerbera heads on the surface – the effect can be stunning.

String single stephanotis flowers on lengths of fine fishing line and then drape from a white-painted candelabra, which holds plain white church candles. This makes a very easy but sophisticated table centre.

A trendy table centre decoration can be created by stuffing a large square glass vase with rich organza stuck all over with small crystals or diamatée. Hide a small vase in the centre of the fabric and fill to the brim with brightly coloured large daises, each with a small crystal stuck in its centre. These will then glisten when caught by the light.

If you group any children at your party on their own table, rather than putting a floral display as a table centre, try this. Stuff a goldfish bowl to the brim with small marshmallows then make a pink and white “arrangement” with lots of small coloured lollipops by pushing the lolly stick into the soft marshmallow base. Great fun for bored youngsters to unpick!

Decorate wrought-iron candelabras for tables with individually wired dried rose buds and ivy tendrils around the candle bases.

For a modern and very minimalist look place groups of clean tin cans in the centre of your tables and stuff with ivory roses.

A fun table centre can be made from a bun tray sprayed in silver, gold or a bright colour and then fill the bun spaces with alternate tea lights and different coloured fish gravel.

Christmas parties can have a tiny tree on each table decorated with clear Christmas baubles filled with multi-coloured sweets. The baubles can be attached to the Christmas tree by bright satin ribbons.

Simple table centres for summer garden parties can be made by placing bright bunches of wild flowers in miniature galvanised buckets or watering cans decorated with pretty ribbons.

On long tables try placing a lengthy glass tank vase and fill with attractive pebbles and floating gerbera heads.

Make cherry tree table centres by setting attractive barked sticks into terracotta pots and pushing a round oasis on top of the stick. Cover the whole surface of the oasis with bay or camellia leaves and then push small groups of artificial cherries between the leaves. Decorate the base of the tree with fresh cherries piling out of the pots.

Ice sculptures can make stunning table decorations, especially for summer balls. They used to be only produced by professionals but if you can’t afford to have them made you can now do it yourself with ready-to-use ice sculpture molds. Simply pour water into the styrene molds, freeze in your freezer for 48 hours and hey-presto, an gorgeous and unusual centerpiece!

Stunningly simple table centres, but with a stylish feel, are huge stand-up lavender sheaves tied with raffia or large organza ribbon lavender-coloured bows.

For a really sophisticated table setting use gold glasses and gold liner plates. On each liner plate place a rolled napkin tied with a rich gold tassel and cord. Finish the effect by scattering gold-coloured rose petals on the table.

This table decoration idea has a lovely effect for summer barbecues. Fill small terracotta pots with oasis then push chillies, stem-end down, into the oasis.

Space the chillies evenly so that they resemble an exotic brilliant-red plant poking out of the top of the pots. Then surround the chillies by a ruff of herbs (such as sprigs of lemon-scented thyme) and place small Mediterranean-style vegetables at the base of the pots on a bed of flower heads.

A simple summer lunch served on plain wooden tables can be enhanced by using hollowed-out globe artichokes as unusual holders for rose-scented tea candles.

Alternatively fill glass bowls with water and cram them with scented floating candles and flower-heads. Place one on each table.

Take a square glass vase, put a jam jar of the same height into the centre of the vase and fill it with water. Fill the space between the vase and the jam jar with Liquorice Allsorts, jelly babies or Smarties and then push masses of blowsy flowers into the jam jar so that they spill over the edge and hide the jar. A great fun table-centre!

For cheap and pretty table arrangements, glue rows of different coloured ribbons on to tin cans to form a stripped effect and then fill with mixed bunches of flowers.

At Easter parties place a gold-painted birch branch in the middle of the table, planted in an old terracotta plant pot, stuff bunches of bright yellow daffodils around the bottom of the pot and hang the branches of the branch with painted and gold-beaded eggs.

A twenties-look for your table centre can be created by purchasing second-hand top hats from a junk shop, turning them up-side down so that they will hold a firmly wedged oasis. You then use the oasis as a base to hold displays of large ostrich feathers and strings of pearl beading trailing over the edge of the hats.

For an unusual table display fill the bottom of a simple bullet-shaped vase with water, put in a dozen glass ice cubes (available at any good floral sundry store) and then place a single rose inside the vase wedged into the “ice”.

Spray tin cans gold and fill with yellow tulips to create a simple yet stylish table display.

Fill tall ice-cream sundae glasses with pink and white sugar almonds, stuff the top with pale pink roses and scatter freeze-dried pink rose petals around the base.