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It has recently been proved that more and more luxury consumers are turning to the Internet above all other media sources to find what they want; most are wealthy people who seek out quality, as well as the finer things in life. These days however most luxury seekers enjoy looking for bargains and have learnt to search for good value; but rarely at the expense of quality.

Luxury & Style is aimed at visitors over the age of 30, both male and female, with a large disposable income who regularly check online for new and exciting opportunities as well as old favourites that form the foundation of gracious living and an ongoing  luxury lifestyle.

If you feel your company has something special to offer our site visitors, do get in touch and tell us who you are. We are constantly on the lookout for quality sites that offer either luxury products or services. We will consider a review of your website or product if we are sure that it matches our ethos of luxury and style.

Each site or product submitted is scrutinised by our editorial team as we are highly selective and never accept gambling, financial or dating sites. We can only review sites that will fit with the existing content sections and a review will only be shown under one of the category headings. Please note that even where a review could easily fit within two, or even three categories, more than one mention on our site is not possible as this would be considered to be duplicate content by the search engines.

Companies that are invited be reviewed are charged a one-off administration fee . Any review put up on the site will stay for all time with no annual renewal fee. Reviews can be up to as much as 500 words long with a live link to the company’s website and may include up to 3 pictures.

If you would like your site to be considered for review, then please contact us by email with your full details including a contact telephone number. We will then get back to you to discuss your company, products or services and to verify the style of your review.