Staying young through using natural health is a sensible and highly effective option. Let’s face it most people, especially women, past the age of thirty have a strong desire to both look and feel younger. This is borne out by the thousands of products available on the market that claim to make you look younger.

There probably isn’t a health or beauty trick that one of us hasn’t tried at one time or another. In the end we all fight the hands of time. However, with so much choice available in the anti-ageing market, it can be overwhelming and indeed very costly. Some people believe that these products work for them while others feel that they do nothing at all.

One thing we can all agree on though is that feeling younger is almost as good as looking younger and that at least is something that can be achieved with a little hard work and self discipline. Keeping active is probably one of the best and most reliable things that you can do for yourself to keep encroaching years at bay.

Whether it’s going for a walk every day, playing tennis, going for a swim or taking up riding, exercise will help you look and feel great simply because it brings your whole metabolic system into play. In addition it keeps you healthy now and therefore minimises the chances of suffering from any health problems later on down the line. No anti-ageing product can give you the same benefits as regular fresh air and exercise; and besides exercise is a lot cheaper and far more fun.

Healthy eating can sound boring but don’t dismiss the idea. It is way up there when it comes to helping yourself feel younger. If junk food is your staple diet and you consume loads of chocolate you are inevitably going to feel tired and lethargic most of the time. This feeling in itself can be very ageing.

However, eating plenty of raw, preferably home grown food and watching your intake of gluton and dairy products will give you lots more energy and make you feel more alive and ready to take on new challenges.

Socialising is another important and fun way of helping yourself to feel young, busy and needed at all times of your life.

It has been scientifically proved that people who spend too much time alone, especially in front of a computer screen can become depressed, lethargic and even physically ill.

It is vital to keep in regular contact with people, whether you have a group of old friends that you see on a regular basis, a special interest club you attend once a week or interactive sport you can follow do make sure you enjoy quality time with other like-minded, cheerful people.

Bear in mind anything is going to be more beneficial than staying in the house all day, even if you have close family members for company. You need to get out and about for new experiences that stimulate your mind and your immune system; this alone will help you feel young.

The way you present yourself to the outside world is another major factor when it comes to how you feel. It is well recognised that if you look good you will also feel good. If you don’t bother to make an effort with your appearance, it’s unlikely that you are going to feel confident or young. Put a bit of time aside each day just for you, preferably in the morning, then you will feel and look better to the extent that other people will notice the change as well. Never believe that just because you have reached a certain age you have to conform to what polite society expects and thinks you should look like.

Without becoming a slob it is always best to wear what you feel comfortable in as this will give you confidence and make you feel younger. Don’t struggle to wear uncomfortable heels or tight skirts if they are not part of your lifestyle. Getting your hair done regularly and keeping your nails tidy and clean can add to your youthful look, as can trying out new styles of clothes or make-up.

For good natural health change your normal routine every now and then take up new interests or challenges. Everyone gets stale and bored leading the same old mundane life so doing something spontaneous and even out of character every once in a while is good for your inner self. People who take life by the throat often have an inner light that shines through no matter how old they are.

These individuals are frequently attractive to others thus ensuring they are never lonely and rarely age in their own minds.

Other ways to ensure that you get the best out of life, for as long as possible, are to drink plenty of water, check that you don’t have an under active thyroid (which can be very ageing), eliminate any chronic yeast or Candida problems, deal with hormone or insulin imbalances and above all get plenty of quality sleep.

Stress unfortunately is well known for adding years to just about anyone; even a twenty-year-old can look haggard when affected by long-term problems. Chronic stress is something that often won’t disappear, so you have to learn to distance yourself from it every so often. Try to meditate when possible and enjoy as many small pleasures as you can. Don’t let stress build to the point of incapacitating your daily life, as this could destroy your immune system and your looks.

Whatever path you decide to follow to stay younger, the important thing to remember, at the end of the day, is that it’s your own attitude which is the biggest contributor to how you feel. A positive outlook will always make you feel so much better than a negative one and plenty of enjoyable exercise, a balanced diet and as much fun as you can muster will help you remain attractive without the need for too many beauty products.