If you fancy living the dream of residing in a large, spectacular and historic building in a foreign country or you are looking for a classy second home abroad, you won’t do better than to put your faith in the Prestige Property Group, who sell up-market properties to people throughout the world.

Formed in 1995, the company set out to create an international property database of exceptional quality and usefulness, they wanted to enable people in different countries to buy and sell their homes with the aid of their efficient central service and by using their enviable experience and the very latest web technology.

Prestige Property have developed a focused and highly efficient property finding service and all property information shown on their website is supplied by overseas agents or third parties that link up with a dedicated database in the South West. Prestige Property have a global network of more than 100 property agents who are based in over 20 countries around the world, providing up to date details on properties for sale in their particular area.

The company has a large number of properties that range from chalets and farmhouses to manor houses in countries from Italy to the Caribbean and in particular the stunning selection of French chateaux is well worth taking a look at. Prestige Property also have very informative articles about specific areas or regions they feature on their site and be prepared to be wowed by the wealth of fabulous properties displayed. Prices are anything from €500,000 to €53,000,000. For more information visit their website.