Let’s face it some people are so worried by the thought of running a children’s party they hand the whole thing over to a professional or take a chattering, shouting gang of kiddies to Pizza Hut.

Children are usually too young to have learnt the art of social graces, which includes the ability to pretend they are having a good time even if they’re not. So – you have to get it right first time and provide that all-important party for your child.

Here are a few useful tips to ensure success.

Never attempt any children’s party, no matter how small, totally single-handed. You already know the reasons why!

Use a venue that is fun to be at, cleanable, reasonably noise proof and preferably not your own. Good venues can be a theme park, a go-kart course, the zoo, the seaside, a picnic in a large field, a bowling alley or even a double-decker bus.

Don’t have too much difference in the age groups – if you must mix tots and teens make sure they have plenty of other children around who are of their own age and size.

Keep the party short and fun, especially for young children who tire more quickly.

Have plenty of well-organised games with tons and tons of prizes.

Consider fancy dress with a “who’s wearing the most original costume” competition.

Keep food simple, children like to graze whilst they are talking or charging round being the fiercest lion, witch or space monster.

Party bags packed with lots of sweets, balloons, crayons, small toys, games or magic tricks are usually a huge success.

If you want a breather and a bit of well-deserved peace book a good children’s entertainer such as a magician, clown, or even a quiz master, who will hand out enviable prizes to the winning team.

Well-heeled parents can gain extra brownie points by hiring a fun fair, a circus, a giant Scalextric or even an aircraft simulator.

When the party is finally over do make sure that all your little guests go home with the right bags, shoes and coats etc. and even more important the right parents or minders.