The location of your party venue is important, as is the amount of available parking and access. Make sure that your venue is well within range of main arterial routes, especially if you have a number of guests coming from afar. Try to choose a venue with a good setting if your guests will be arriving in daylight. Be very cautious about picking a venue way up a narrow country lane if you are planning a Christmas or New Year’s Eve party, what can appear ideal in summer may become impassable in winter snow.

It is probably better to steer clear of a venue with huge potholes in its drive that may seriously bottom or damage your guests’ cars, unless it is so perfect in every other way that it justifies the expense of hiring a coach to transport your guests

Be aware that quite often small country venues can be prone to muddy areas in wet weather. Try to check out your venue in the rain, you don’t want your guests to end up with muddy shoes – or worse still in muddy hemlines! You can always put down some sort or weather proof walkways but do make sure that they are well lit so that there is no danger or people tripping up them in the dark.

Watch out for venues that only have one access up a narrow lane or drives with no passing places. Your guests may find they are constantly backing up, which is not a good start to your party. One of the most stunning and memorable approaches to any UK venue is the long regal drive to Cliveden in Berkshire, shown in the photo above.

Just arriving in such a regal manner at this distictive palatial mansion, standing amid 375 acres of magnificent formal gardens and parklands that overlook the River Thames, sets the mood for any stylish event. It is an experience not to be missed!

Before your party or event do check with the venue that there is plenty of access for any equipment, decoration or possible furniture hire that you are having delivered. Do make sure there is a good unloading area. Also it is as well to check that your venue has adequate storage space for anything you may need to leave overnight.

Parking for large numbers of guests can often be a problem for any party organiser. Some venues may say they have plenty of parking but then opt to put excess numbers in an inconvienient overflow car park. If you are expecting large numbers of guests, all turning up at once, your event will probably benefit from an attendant to direct them to a good parking spot.

If your guests are arriving by coach do make sure that the coach driver has a reasonable turning space and a drop-off point that is dry underfoot. You must also arrange some sort of refreshment for the driver if he has to hang about until the end of your party.

Finally do make sure that guests who want or need to leave early are not going to be boxed in by late arrivals.