Let’s face it a piece of jewellery made from diamonds is likely to be one of the most prized possessions of your life, especially if it is an engagement ring or a beautiful heirloom, passed on from a close relative. The beauty of a diamond is more than skin deep since they are considered by most people to be the hardest substance on earth. This said though they are not indestructible for while they can be cut or polished only by another diamond, a hard crushing blow can cause them to chip so it is very unwise to wear diamond jewellery when doing rough work.

Do avoid wearing a diamond ring when doing any kind of housework or manual labour. It is best to only wear a diamond ring when you can relax or go out. When not being worn, it should be kept somewhere secure and memorable.

Don’t wear a diamond when you’re washing dishes as the chemicals can damage the properties of the stone and don’t do gardening with it on since once lost in the garden it may never be found again.

Don’t keep your precious diamonds next to other jewellery pieces as this can cause scratches. This is because the pointed objects such as clasps can scratch the diamonds. A fabric-lined jewellery case with separate compartments is ideal for storage. It’s also a good idea to have one small container or compartment for every stone, since they also have the tendency to rub against each another. You can of course individually wrap your diamonds in soft tissue paper or use jewellery pouches for each piece.

Do inspect your diamond jewellery on a regular basis to make sure the settings are secure and not worn or thin. If that does occur and you notice any signs of damage or loosening of the prongs take it straight to a professional jeweler. It’s still a good idea anyway to have your diamond jewellery checked over annually by a reliable jeweller and use the opportunity at the same time to have it expertly cleaned.

Regular exposure to hand cream, perfume, hairspray, household chemicals and other substances can cause a nasty buildup that will dull the sparkle of your diamonds. Chlorine or abrasives should never be used when cleaning diamonds, especially those set in jewellery. These can erode some of the metals often used in diamond settings, and may loosen prongs, or even dissolve the metal completely.

Only clean a diamond by using a solution of warm water mixed with a few drop of ammonia. Gently scrub with an old, soft-bristled toothbrush for more deep cleaning, then rinse and dry with a soft, clean cloth.

Finally always make sure your diamonds are insured in case the diamonds get lost, damaged or even stolen and NEVER take a diamond ring off to wash your hands and leave on the rim of a sink; it is only a small nudge away from slipping down the plughole into a murky drain!