To find a venue for your special event or party is only a small part of successful event organization. Once you have found that perfect venue you will then need to be completely switched on to ensure that the venue completes their side of the contract and fully cooperates with every one of your requirements – no matter how unusual.

Leave nothing to chance and never assume that the little niggles that you have encountered while dealing with the venue will come right on the day, they won’t unless you make it happen before D-Day.

It is entirely up to you the organiser to pressure the venue into guaranteeing good service and that all important attention to detail which will ensure that your event has the wow factor. You need to be very strong and determined when dealing with venues.

Many venues unfortunately do not always employ, or simply can’t find, top quality staff who are dedicated to their job. A high proportion of new recruits see working in a venue as just a stepping stone to a more exciting career, they are often careless and don’t read the small print properly. You must never be afraid to ask plenty of questions and keep checking those follow-up issues.

Thoroughly examine the venue’s equipment – you don’t want your guests sitting on wobbly chairs or drinking from dirty glasses, small details can make or mar your party.

If you intend to bring in special theming to your party venue do make sure that none of your potential props will block any of the service doors or your guests may not get their food on time.

Be wary of venues that boast an adventurous and persuasive young chef (eager to make his mark with the media), or you may find the party feast of “braised venison with bananas” or “strawberry fool with mint jelly” is pushed to one side by the more conservative members of your guest list.

Check out disabled access and disabled toilet facilities for any elderly or disabled guests that may be coming.

Make sure that you get everything in writing, even small details like the quality and colour of table napkins. If, for example, the venue says it will provide flowers find out exactly what sort of flowers and how many vases you can expect or you may find you are in for a huge disappointment on the day.

Find out if there is a safe place for guests’ belongings. Check that the venue has public liability insurance. Most venues will hold you responsible for any damage deliberate or otherwise, so make sure you are insured and think twice before inviting known drunks or rowdies!

Make sure that it is quite clear between the venue and yourself who is responsible for clearing up all the decorations and rubbish etc. at the end of the party or you may find you are in for an unexpected additional expense.

If you want to save any of the decorations or flowers for yourself or chosen guests do let the venue know in advance or they may annex them for future events or worse still throw them in the bin.

Be polite, but let the venue-staff know that you will NOT accept second best and emphasise that again before you sign the contract. Before you sign any contract read the small print thoroughly – and then read it AGAIN!