Many of us as we get older are more subject to mild depression and negativity especially if we haven’t fulfilled all the dreams of our youth. What so any of us fail to realise is that we alone are in control of our thinking processes and exactly how we think governs our actions and to a degree changes our personality.

Because of the sometimes overwhelming frustrations and disappointments in life we often develop incredibly negative thinking patterns and these negative conceptions make it even harder to manage our challenges and move forward.

The good news though is that negative thinking patterns can be positively influenced by regularly practicing positive thinking on a regular daily basis.

This in itself  helps us to focus on what is good in our lives and what we have achieved, which increases feelings of self-motivation and inner happiness. The end result of this is that it negates our feelings of depression or helplessness, because we have elected to move forward into a more positive direction.

Try following these self-motivation tips and, by using them as exercises for positive thinking, you will then notice a shift towards a more positive attitude in your everyday life.

Take Care of a Very Important Person
Yes – that’s you! No one else in the world can really understand how you are feeling except you yourself, so it will help you a great deal to be generally much more determined to look after yourself properly and allow yourself some ‘Me Time’.

Eat Properly
Eating a proper balanced diet, with no junk food or artificial stimulants can do wonders for your state of mind. De-toxing your system is another great way to help release negative thoughts and chronic depression.

Have a Health Check
Be aware that sometimes an unsuspected physical condition such as diabetes or an under active thyroid can make you feel just generally miserable and out of sorts.

Be More Sociable
Even if you don’t feel like it try to surround yourself with positive, happy and healthy living people and get nurtured by their uplifting energy. In the long-term this will help to have a positive influence on you.

Be Physical
Everyone knows how wonderful a simple hug can feel – it’s just great to have warm physical contact with the people we love and sometimes it’s feels even greater when we hug our pets. Animals are far less complicated that humans and dogs in particular, love unconditionally. It is surprising how a cuddle and a ‘chat’ with a treasured pet can lift your spirits.

Choose Your Thoughts
Learn to observe your negative thoughts as no more than passing clouds and realise that it is your choice whether or not you hang on to them. Don’t empower your negative thoughts – we have thousands of thoughts each day and it‘s completely our choice which ones we hang on to.

Count Your Blessings
Believe it or not there is always something in your life to be grateful for – even if you have to go back in time! Take a few moments each day to think about the things that are good in your life. Make a ‘positive’ list and stick it somewhere so that you will be constantly reminded. By reminding yourself of the things you are grateful for you are much better able to deal with the challenges and stresses in your life.

Throw Out Those Convictions
In the course of our life we build up all types of convictions about things. “That is not done the way I like it..” or “You could have done so and so ….” are simple examples. Throw them out and think afresh about new situations – the old negative convictions are only pulling you down.

Stop Feeling Guilty
There is only one real fact about guilt – it is incredibly destructive and feeds negativity.

Stand Up For Yourself
Society has taught us to react in such a way that we are accepted and seen as normal to the extent that many of us have developed a fear of not being liked or accepted.  Be yourself where it is tactfully possible and stop wasting valuable energy worrying about the impression you are making. Speak up for yourself, let your voice be heard. Remember that by speaking from your heart you start to attract whatever it is that you truly want in your life.

Don’t Assume
Many people are prone to thinking negative thoughts about certain situations, for example “Those people are whispering, they must be talking about me”.  Crush these types of negative thoughts immediately and tell yourself they are no more than idle fancies.

Help other people
This may sound too ‘do goodish’ but it is a proven fact that people increase their chance to feel energized, warm and good about themselves by helping other individuals. Put it to the test and find out how you can help people. Be a volunteer somewhere, or help someone who is going through a bad time or just contribute to society in any way possible. The more positive energy you send out into the world, the more you will receive back.

Break the Worry Pattern
Next time you notice you are brooding on a negative thought interrupt your thoughts by forcing yourself to do something completely different. Get into the habit of pulling yourself up when you are excessively focusing on something negative and break the pattern. Partaking in something physical like picking up a book, doing something creative, listening to good music or going for a walk will help you break the negative thinking spiral.