Hiring an attractive dance floor can often be one of the focal points of your event or party, so make sure you get it right on the night. Most venues have a dance floor already but you may need to rent one from an event hire company if your party is to be held in a marquee or an unusual venue.

You may even need to hire an extra dance floor if you are catering for two different generations of dancers. Teeny boppers won’t want to mix on the dancefloor with their parents or even their sedately waltzing grandparents!

Hired-in dance floor systems usually come in three-foot squares, natural oak parquet, mahogany-look or black and white chequered panels. They fit together with interlocking metal tongue-and-groove edging. Hidden screw-locks ensure a smooth dance surface of any dimension.

Use a reputable company for hiring your dance floor and make sure they can deliver your dance floor well in time for your party. Always ask your supplier’s advice but to calculate the approximate floor size required, a good rule of thumb is to allow one three-foot square section per four dancers. Also all hired-in dance floors should be finished with a curved edge to avoid dancers tripping over.

You might decide to hire a funky illuminated dance floor to dazzle your guests with an array of flashing colours – the ultimate ice breaker and an unusual centrepiece to any room. Some illuminated dance floors can be programmed with preset patterns or change colour in time to music.

To make the dance floor a romantic place you could set it off with balustrades and urns with floral arrangements. Some people have even been known to put a huge fountain in the centre to encourage guests dance round it as if dancing in an old fashioned European town square.

You could also hire tall corner columns with bright fabric swagged between them to make an entrance effect for the dance floor. In summer an even better effect, especially in a marquee is to create an open gazebo around the dance floor that is hung with sprays of scented roses, jasmine or honeysuckle and finished with chiffon bows or ribbon.

Finally do remember your dance floor should be easily accessible but not in the way of people wanting to get to the bar or dining tables.