Why not hire a personal chef for next your dinner party if you lead a busy life with a hectic schedule and don’t have enough time to cook yourself. Are you planning a special dinner party for friends, family or even business colleagues?

Do you wish you could enjoy it without the stress of tending to all of those little last minute details? If you were to hire a personal chef who can take care of everything from planning the menu to dealing the dinnerware and decorations you would certainly enjoy your party so much more.

On the day of your dinner party a good personal chef will prepare the dinner, serve and clean up afterwards. They will work with you to create a menu that will without doubt make your special occasion very memorable. They should consider your likes and dislikes, take into account the best local produce currently in season and check out any allergies that guests may have.

The meal will normally be prepared from scratch in your own kitchen and the best companies also offer additional staff such as waitresses, to ensure that your meal is served professionally.

Many people compare using a personal chef to eating in their own personal restaurant, preferring the experience of dining in to dining out. This service also works well for a dinner party held in a holiday cottage that has been hired for the weekend.

It gives you a night off from the cooking and a chance to be pampered without having to resort to spend the weekend in a hotel just to get a decent meal cooked for you.

A personal chef can make your occasion completely bespoke by understanding your personal tastes and preferences, adding special extras to make your dinner party everything that you ever dreamed of.

You can also use the personal chef experience as a chance to indulge in your favourite meal or as an opportunity to try out dishes that you haven’t before. Your chef should be able to advise you on the most mouth watering ingredients and ultimately the courses that work really well together.

When choosing a personal chef, it is important to build a relationship with them. Ask them about events they have worked on previously, what menus they have created and what style of food they offer. Work out if their style of working meets your needs and whether you could personally stand them in your kitchen – which after all is your personal space!

Well before the date of your dinner party arrange a meeting prior to your party to discuss and plan for your personal requirements. Tell the chef if you have a theme for your event, discuss food choices that can be used to complement a particular theme, discuss special dietary requirements and let the chef know what budget you have in mind.

You can expect to pay a variable hourly rate or day charge for the chef, depending on different factors, extra for waiting staff and a per head charge for food, depending on your chosen menu and number of courses.