Flying birds of prey is a great experience since the sight of a falcon diving down towards earth at over 100mph is one of life’s truly exhilarating moments. Falconry and hawking have been practised for over 4,000 years, and are often described as the sport of kings and there is no doubt about it, having a hawk perched on your fist, happily tearing at its food, is a rare privilege and indeed very humbling.

However to actually fly a bird of prey is a thrill that is hard to match in any walk of life; especially when it returns to you, completely of its own free will.

Flying birds of prey, or falconry or hawking as it is better known, is a sport that originally evolved  to make use of trained raptors  to hunt or pursue game for people and on the whole falconry is the term now applied to all use of trained birds of prey to catch game. If you want to get up close and personal with some of nature’s magnificent and regal birds of prey and learn all about the art of falconry why not consider doing a course at an approved birds of prey training centre?

You will have the opportunity to handle, feed and fly your very own hawk for the day; a chance to experience British falconry at its very best. A day course offers the chance to interact with some of the most magnificent and stunningly beautiful birds on the planet.

It is indeed a rare chance to witness close up a genuine predator doing in captivity exactly what it does in the wild. Birds of prey in captivity are not trained to do tricks they simply mimic what comes naturally to their wild conterparts who survive purely because of instinctive hunting skills. 

A birds of prey experience usually starts with a tour of the centre, where you’ll get close to different species and learn about hawks, falcons, owls and even eagles. Then under the guidance of expert tuition you will start to learn how to handle the birds so that you get comfortable with one another the art of falconry until it’s time to try out falconry for real - and begin flying birds of prey and getting a medieval-style thrill when a top predator comes into land gracefully on your outstretched gloved hand.

If just the thought of controlling and flying a magnificent wild creature makes your adrenaline run, then maybe it’s time to book a day out and savour a birds of prey experience.