Dog beds are not strictly speaking a luxury. Buying a comfortable bed for your dog is almost essential for his well being; regardless of his size, breed or age. A good quality dog bed will provide your dog with a private space a sense of security, insulation from draughts and a cushion for his joints and bones. It also controls the spread of hair and dirt and may well help to preserve your sofa, since if all goes to plan your dog will soon prefer his own bed to jumping up on your furniture.

Training your dog to sleep in the same spot means that he’s less likely to lie out on a cold damp floor, or other hard surfaces, could cause health problems in later life. Investing in a proper dog bed can vastly improve his overall comfort levels and quality of life and help keep your dog fit and healthy for all time.

The type and style of bed you choose depends on your pouch and his individual needs. For example those with sides are great for dogs that like to hang their head over the edge and you can always add blankets and pillows for extra comfort. Take a long look at your pet’s sleeping habits and watch to see whether he sprawls, sleeps curled up or completely stretched out. His relaxation position needs to be considered when buying a dog bed.

Probably the best way to make sure you are ordering the correct size bed is by measuring your dog in his usual laying position and then add another five or six inches. When he’s relaxed to his maximum size you must make sure that the bed will be large enough to support his whole body. However a dog that sleeps in a tight curled up position might prefer to relax out in a round bed with sides.

Finally if the bed for your faithful friend is going to be situated within your own living space you might like to try to match the colours of the bed to the room it will be placed in, so that nothing clashes. Try to buy a dog bed with a removable and washable cover, which is essential for country canines; especially in the winter.