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Engaging an English butler to run a large house can suddenly make life a whole lot easier. This quintessential icon of the upper classes is not only completely discreet, he is the polished ambassador of refinement and loyalty and above all a life-style manager taking care of everything his employer requires and indeed desires. In a nutshell the perfect butler is worth more than his weight in gold, and these days knows a lot more than just how to pack clothes neatly or clean the silver. In these frenetic modern times high read more > >

Put aside an hour at least once a week when your nanny can up-date you on how things are progressing, this needs to be in addition to the time spent each day when you both exchange information and views on the handling of your child or children. It is vital that your nanny lets you know what is going well and what is not and it is equally vital that you listen. If there are problems about such as issues as disobedience, crying babies or meal time tantrums they will read more > >

Nannies provide secure care for your child in your own home and are hugely important for many busy families. They should be able to look after children in any age group as well as providing plenty of fun and educational opportunities in a safe environment. Most dedicated nannies will work flexible hours which can be a great help if you work those hours when other types of childcare are simply not available. Ensuring that your child is well-cared for, safe, and above all happy is one of the most important read more > >

In times past domestic staff working for a high ranking master or mistress knew they would be given a roof over their head and meals up to the day they died – because of this security they stayed put for life – a servant who changed jobs late in a career risked unemployment or even the workhouse. It is very different nowadays as good staff are highly valued and paid accordingly, often commanding very high salaries. Generally speaking it would appear that the highest salaries these days are paid to read more > >

Household staff have many functions, titles and roles within a large establishment. These tasks include everything from dealing with important guests, washing dishes, looking after small children to arranging the purchase of the weekly groceries. When looking for householf staff for your home, it makes sense to use a reputable household staff agency to save you time and wasted effort in sifting through inappropriate candidates. It is worth bearing in mind that household staff who register with agencies also want peace of mind and as such are often a better read more > >

Right from the days of old manor houses the landed gentry and royalty were automatically taken care of by household staff. In those days, the upper echelons of the household hierarchy were peopled by the local landowners and even the minor members of the master’s family. Sometimes high ranking staff were of noble origins, becoming both attendants and companions. Living with a wealthy and powerful family meant they enjoyed privileges and learnt skills otherwise unavailable to them; they in exchange swore a long-term loyal allegiance to their master’s household. At read more > >