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Sailing and yachting were once the preserve of the well-heeled elite, who had plenty of free time and ready cash to spare, but these days with at least 1.5million Britons taking to the water every year sailing is more popular than ever before. It has gradually evolved and developed into a very popular and challenging sport that attracts and encourages people from all age groups, backgrounds and abilities. Times have certainly changed; sailing instruction is widespread and more affordable, good sailboats are cheaper and more widely available so are the read more > >

The Tall Ships Race is an annual event when hundred ships, many of them dating back well over a century, attract huge crowds of enthusiasts, most of whom come to experience for themselves the beauty of these majestic relics. Cowes Week is patronised by some the most distinguished figures in the yachting world and attracts vast numbers of serious sailors. Enjoy these eight videos to savour a little of the atmosphere and excitement of these two world-famous nautical events; albeit vicariously.  

This page lists contact details for some sailing clubs, associations and other organisations of interest including the British Marine Assoc, Royal Ocean Racing Club, the Tall Ships race, Royal Thames Yacht Club and many more useful addresses for anyone who is interested in sailing, yachts or general boating occasions. Please bear in mind that some of these details may change and do let us know if you think you have an address that could useful for sailing enthusiasts. We are always happy to update to the very latest facts about sailing, yachting and read more > >

Yacht racing, or as it is also known sailboat racing, is not only highly competitive it is probably one of the most overtly thrilling, dangerous and costly sports open to almost anyone. Mostly it takes place in sheltered coastal or inland waters, however the ocean races such as the Volvo Ocean Race, the solo VELUX 5 Oceans Race, and the non-stop solo Vendée Globe, rate as some of the most extreme sporting events, in terms of endurance and risk to life. We have included eight yacht racing videos to give you a read more > >