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If you want to learn to play polo properly you need to start with a sympathetic and experienced teacher who is used to dealing with all levels of horsemanship. In other words you need to place your trust in a place where people from all walks of life learn to play polo at a level that is both fun and encouraging. It is important that you find a polo school that builds your confidence at a steady realistic pace until you reach the point where you feel ready to take part read more > >

A groom brings a new pony onto the field, replacing the pony that fell and play continues. Amid the idyllic rural setting of rolling meadows and ancient ruins, the members of the Cowdray Park Polo Club sip tea and watch the rumbustious game with mounting excitement, Prince Charles’ mishap soon forgotten. Just one of many such dramas from the past that colour the English polo scene; after all anyone who plays high-goal polo must expect the odd knock or bruise. The old stagers sitting on hard wooden seats in their read more > >

Just like in any specialist sport, having the right polo clothing and equipment for both player and pony is essential for confidence and comfort when taking part. Because polo is a highly active and potentially dangerous sport, the main objective of purchasing and using proper polo equipment and clothing is to be properly protected and comfortable during the course of the game. In addition to that, any player that owns his own polo pony will need to fork out for a good quality English saddle, a bridle and a fair read more > >

There are many polo clubs and associations in Britain that cater for almost complete beginners right up to international 10 goal polo players. Some of the more famous polo clubs are Ascot Park, Cirencester Park, Cowdray Park, Guards, Ham and the Royal County of Berkshire. However it is probably the smaller clubs that do the most for polo as they encourage ordinary people to join, simply to enjoy the spirit of the game at a grass roots level. Many of these enthusiastic members use the same horse for hunting in read more > >

Buying a polo pony that suits you is something you must get right first time since it is vital to your future performance. Never underestimate the value of a top-class polo pony, for no matter how good a player has been in the past, on the day of the match he is totally dependent on the speed, stamina, agility and temperament of his pony. For without the right pony no player can hope to perform well. While players are readily given a goal rating as an informal guarantee of their read more > >

Although is appears that there are many polo rules it should be remembered that most of the rules of polo grew out of a water tight need for the safety of both players and ponies. The most basic concept in the sport of polo is known as the line of the ball, which is a right of way established by the path of a ball. When any player has the line of the ball on his right, he then has the right of way on the pitch. This however can read more > >

Playing polo is one of the fastest and most exciting ball sports available for all and it is growing in popularity throughout the world. Polo is an adrenaline driven sport that can become almost totally addictive. Perhaps this is because there is very little to equal the thrill of chasing a ball at tremendous speed on an agile pony, whilst riding off your opponents. The other reason for its new found popularity is that playing polo, even at a high level, is no longer the preserve of the well-heeled elite. read more > >