Luxury and Style


Although Bonfire Night is officially over we are still experiencing the odd fireworks party which can be very distressing for the local dogs and acts round here – not to mention larger animals. I’m not a great fan of fireworks especially as it is a fact that nearly a quarter of Britain’s dog population suffers from a real fear of loud noises, and therefore the ever increasing use of fireworks and firework displays throughout the year can be a real headache for caring pet owners. There are however things you read more > >

Pet pampering is big business in Britain. Huge numbers of the population believe in the maxim of nothing but the best for their cherished pets and to meet this demand the whole industry of pet pampering has grown and developed to cater for the most sophisticated accoutrements of modern living. This can include anything from pet sitting, a trip to the pet spa to their own dog psychologists, who even prescribe a canine version of Prozac – when all this luxury becomes just too much to bear. Pampered pets enjoy read more > >

How do I deal with my child’s fat pony? A very common question that many frustrated mums and dads must ask themselves. We adults are often partly to blame because we feel so bad when we restrict grazing and eke out hay and feed rations into tiny, but regular, portions. Sometimes we just give in to those longing eyes, gazing at greener grass or an empty feed bin. Native ponies, in particular, were never designed to live on anything other than rough moorland and windswept coastlines but over the years we have moved many of them onto richer read more > >

Dog beds are not strictly speaking a luxury. Buying a comfortable bed for your dog is almost essential for his well being; regardless of his size, breed or age. A good quality dog bed will provide your dog with a private space a sense of security, insulation from draughts and a cushion for his joints and bones. It also controls the spread of hair and dirt and may well help to preserve your sofa, since if all goes to plan your dog will soon prefer his own bed to jumping read more > >