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The number and variety of UK racecourses is unparalleled almost anywhere else in the world, and while each and every racecourse has its own particular character and atmosphere, individually they all add up to offer a wide range of exciting experiences; catering for all levels of enthusiasm, taste and pockets. Britain’s racecourses guarantee an enjoyable day for all the family as well as being ideal venues for almost any type of business entertaining. A day spent at any one of the UK’s  racecourses is a fun and exciting occasion that can stay with read more > >

If you are new to racing it is as well to understand that there are several types of horse racing that are divided into different disciplines and require different skills from the jockeys. Each division of the racing industry draws its own enthusiasts and protagonists and it must be said that some areas attract huge sums of money while others are strictly on a very amateur level; but none the less enjoyable for that. Any type of horse racing will almost guarantee a good day out for family, friends and read more > >

Racehorse trainers are very important people in the world of horse racing as it is their job to train, monitor day-to-day fitness and prepare the horses for races, as well as maintaining the animals’ condition over the course of their racing careers. Trainers also select which races the owners’ horses will enter and when. They take into account all manner of factors such as the distance of the race, quality of the competition and state of the ground. Trainers can work by being under contract to one particular owner or read more > >

Owning a racehorse can be a very exciting and fulfilling experience and owning a winning racehorse in particular is one of life’s greatest pleasures. However owning a racehorse can also be frustrating, expensive and disappointing. It doesn’t really matter how much money you throw at it, there is never any guarantee that even the most expensive racehorse will succeed and bring you untold glory. Like any top athlete a racehorse can suffer from injuries and set backs as well as sometimes proving to have a  temperament that is unsuitable for read more > >

Established in 1750, The Jockey Club is a private members’ club that originally controlled and supervised the sport of horse racing. It was first set up by a group of wealthy horse racing enthusiasts brought together by their shared passion and commitment to the sport. It is not a club for jockeys but instead it comprises individuals from business, the professions and all facets of racing. The Jockey Club is dedicated to improving the sport and investing in its future therefore all profits generated by the club are put back into the read more > >

Many people are put off betting at a horse race because they don’t understand how the horse racing betting system works. The key to success, and ultimately enjoyment, is to know what you are doing both on course and off. Experienced punters will look at a number of different factors to try and work out which horse is likely to win a race. Having a flutter on the horses should be fun and it doesn’t need to be complicated, just bear in mind that every bet can lose as well as win, read more > >

Horse racing is a contest normally between several horses, usually Thoroughbreds, which is ridden at speed over a special course. Horse racing in Britain can be traced back to Roman times when it took place between Roman soldiers in Yorkshire around 200AD; while the first official horse race track opened at Newmarket in Suffolk around 1174. Horse racing is one of the most highly organised and commercialised sports, it is also one of the most exciting equestrian sports that can be enjoyed by both amateur and professional riders. Anyone who read more > >