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We really like the Occa-Home company. It represents stylish, innovative and affordable luxury. Brought together by CEO, Kate Mooney and her team, Occa-Home has become the go-to destination for iconic luxury. Stockists of high quality furniture, home-wares, home accessories and luxury gifts, this innovative design team are reinventing the way time pressed, style conscious consumers shop for the home. With its stunning boutiques, beautiful room sets have been curated and exquisitely photographed by the Occa stylists, offering customers a stunning selection of interior design inspiration. Complimented by a comprehensive product selection across a variety read more > >

If you are wanting to improve the look of your dining room with a great piece of new furniture you can’t do better than visit Sideboard & Dresser where you can find some of the finest quality sideboards and dressers from a huge selection, available to buy online in the UK. You select something captivating, that can either be classic or state-of-the-art dresser, and will immediately uplift your home and create a stunning extra dimension to even the smallest of dining spaces. This unique site will save you hours on the internet since it compares prices read more > >

Create a country style bedroom and be in fashion, now very popular perhaps due to their informality, simplicity and a leaning towards hand-crafted natural materials. While it can be stylish, the country bedroom should always be restful and refreshing without over doing precise co-ordination of furniture and fabrics. Since the emphasis is on comfort and character is is easy to see that the true country bedroom is a clean unfussy room that is perfect for rest and relaxation, with practical fabrics and furnishings that have restrained but often rich colour schemes. If read more > >

Choosing wallpaper and soft furnishing fabrics can be time consuming and overwhelming; sometimes there is simply too much choice. Before decorating any room consider the furniture and overall style of the room, the amount of natural light and the expected everyday wear and tear. If you don’t have a huge budget you can mix and match so that cheaper wallpaper for example could be enhanced by sumptuous fabric or even a beautiful frieze round the top. Take your time before making decisions you may have to live with for years. read more > >

The fabulous selection of Kenneth Turner scented candles are a legacy from someone who is one of the world’s leaders in the design including fabulous arrangements of fresh, dried and preserved flowers. When he worked from his shop in South Molton street he had an impressive history and enviable reputation for designing bespoke flowers for all types of events, all with his own distinctive English country house style. Since taking something of a back seat the unique essence and style of Kenneth Turner can still be found however in his read more > >

The shabby chic kitchen is one of the more popular kitchen styles, especially in country kitchens. True shabby chic style should be one of timeless elegance where kitchen units and furniture has a slightly worn look and doesn’t necessarily match. So long as the pieces in your kitchen are closely related in colour or tone you are well on the way to creating a shabby chic kitchen. The idea of this appealing style is to assume the grace and beauty of a bygone era, when life was altogether more natural read more > >

A Laura Ashley sofa is the epiteme of country living and are available from what is a popular lifestyle brand with international acclaim.  The company which has gone from strength to strength over the years, was started by Laura and Bernard Ashley, who were inspired by traditional Victorian handicrafts. While Laura looked after the designs, during her lifetime, Bernard Ashley looked after the operational aspects to ensure it is one of the leading interiors icons of its period and especially regarded by those who love the classic English country house style. Laura Ashley constantly read more > >

 Self cleaning windows are ideal if you hate cleaning windows and you can’t get a decent window cleaner for love nor money. Let’s face it nobody really enjoys cleaning outside windows, nor do a lot of people like the hassle of organising a regular window cleaner, who often does a pretty inferior job. But now you can enjoy the luxury of self-cleaning windows, based on the wonders of nanotechnology offering a safer and maintenance free prospect – self-cleaning glass. This wonderful invention can be fitted into almost any window frame and read more > >

Bedroom decluttering can transform your sleeping space and improve even the most basic bedroom style. It is something we all need to think about from time to time, especially if we stuff too many clothes etc. into large bedroom wardrobes and allow our clutter to encroach more and more thus spoiling any sense of style. Research has shown that most people, particularly women, only wear about twenty per cent of the clothing they actually own. This means that, sooner or later, unless you intend to spread your clothes all around read more > >

When choosing a bed for comfort and support it is important that you sleep on the right bed in order to stay fit and healthy, especially if you put in long hours outside doing hard manual work. Amazingly the bed in the majority of homes is the most used yet least considered item of furniture in the house and yet we all spend at least a third of our life in bed. Lack of quality sleep can affect how we feel and even how we behave. To sleep is meant read more > >

We simply love the gorgeous typically English stuff from Emma Bridgewater. She now has a beautiful British online shop run by her and husband Matthew Rice. The core of the business is pottery, which is made with loving care in much the same way as it would have been in Victorian times when the factory was built. Emma Bridgewater, the oldest daughter of a designer, grew up in Oxford, where her mother’s welcoming kitchen was dominated by a scrubbed pine kitchen table and a big dresser covered in colourful, mismatched china read more > >

When it comes to heating a country house wood burning stoves are overtaking open fire places in popularity. As fuel costs rise and pressure mounts to become more conscious of our environment, the issue of effective heating and insulation of our homes becomes ever more paramount. It’s hardly  surprising that many owners of draughty country houses now find it difficult to afford the heating costs especially when you consider that a standard oil tank costs the best part of £1,000 to fill up ready for the coldest winter weather. Those read more > >

A mirrored wardrobe can completely change your bedroom since it not only adds an additional function to the wardrobe but also affects the light and style of the room. Mirrors on wardrobes certainly do lighten a room, especially those that are deprived of a lot of natural light. They also give the illusion of greater room size therefore before buying you should decide just how much mirror you want, in other words how big an area on the wardrobe do you want to have covered with mirrors? There are so read more > >

Freestanding bedroom floor mirrors are a great way of being able to check exactly how you look to outside world. They are also a good way to create the illusion of more space in your bedroom as well as a source of additional reflected light. In particular you can brighten up dark corners by employing the partnership of a large mirror and the power of natural daylight reflected around your bedroom. Perhaps however the best quality of a freestanding floor mirror is that you are not tied to keeping it read more > >

Bedroom rugs are a very effective way of enhancing the overall colour and style of your bedroom and are also equally effect at creating a sense of cosiness and warmth, especially on a polished or stained wood floor. Bedroom rugs are especially useful for breaking up parts of the floor and making a room seem larger or just enhancing the overall appearance so that bedtime feels altogether quite relaxing. Wool and cotton are the most commonly used materials which are used for bedroom rugs, although sheepskin is also a popular read more > >

If you are looking for real bedding bargains, as well as quality, you won’t do better than visiting the Duvet & Pillow Warehouse online. They inject a great deal of passion and commitment into their work and products and believing that not all duvets and pillows are made equal. The company’s mission is to ensure you get the highest quality and value possible. They manufacture all their bedding items to exceptionally high specifications and before they put their name to it they check every single product for perfection, then test it read more > >

Four poster beds have something of a romantic and historical association and for decades have been prized as the elite bed, many believing it to be a truly great prize. Traditional four-poster or canopy beds in Britain had elegant turned posts in reeded, fluted or twisted wood. Some indeed were made even more ornate with the addition of extensive carving. In times past only wealthy families, wanting to keep warm at night, would own a bed four poster bed which was then handed on. This elegant type of  bed made read more > >

Choosing kitchen sets as wedding gifts is always a popular choice as any bride would thrilled to receive a kitchen set for her new home. When looking at kitchen sets do remember there is a great range available these days from knife block sets to fabulous pan sets. Many people really love to cook these days and already have favourite utensils or storage jars in mind.  All married couples are in need of good quality cooking equipment and one of the best places to find it is online where there read more > >

A mattress plays a significant role in ensuring a good night’s sleep and since you spend about a third of your life in bed it is vital that the mattress you sleep on is comfortable for your body; therefore when buying a mattress comfort should be your primary consideration. Always purchase the best mattress you can afford as the more superior the quality the more you are guaranteed one that will provide maximum comfort and support to all parts of your body, especially your back, neck and hips. Obviously it read more > >

It is very important to get the balance of bedroom lighting exactly right, since bedrooms are not just a place for sleeping. Bedroom lights come in many different shapes and sizes including bedroom wall lights, bedroom chandeliers, bedroom recessed lights, bedroom Tiffany lights, bedroom floor lamps and bedside table lamps which can be an enchanting addition to the boudoir by gracing them with beautiful handmade silk lampshades. Many of us watch TV in the bedroom, dress ourselves, put on make-up and in today’s busy world often read important business documents read more > >