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So what is a credit rating? Put quite simply it is where a reputable credit agency assesses the credit worthiness of someone applying for credit, a specific type of debt or a loan. Contrary to popular belief universal credit ratings simply don’t exist, neither do so called ‘blacklists’. All lenders determine credit scores based on profitability. In a nutshell it is an evaluation made by a credit rating agencies employed by the credit issuers on the possibility of future default by the borrower. Anyone who is prepared to pay for read more > >

Many people, who are fortunate enough to have some spare cash, investments or even a potential inheritance, may query the need to employ a financial advisor. However not using the expertise of someone who understands the world of finance may cost you dearly. So why and how should you seek out proper financial advice? As to why – it is well acknowledged that a sound and experienced financial professional will be able to help protect your income, plan your finances in the event of illness or death, plan for further read more > >

Is debt management a good idea? A lot of people struggling with debt ask themselves this question. The answer is definately yes for certain situations. In this new financially stressed Britain a good many people are unavoidably getting deeper and deeper in debt, not because they have been reckless or irresponsible but often as the result of a change of circumstances such as high interest rates, loss of a job, divorce or separation and illness. There then usually comes a point when someone in severe debt recognises that they have read more > >