Luxury and Style


The very nature of country clothing dictates that in the depths of the English countryside the country dress code is about three main objectives, which are to feel warm, dry and comfortable. More fool the idiot who tries to make a fashionable impression at a country house party and comes back from the obligatory walk with soaking wet feet and frozen hands. Seasoned guests spending Christmas at a stately home already know all about the importance of proper country clothing and pack thermal underwear, thick tweed skirts, several pairs of thick read more > >

Hunter wellies are suitable for town or country wear and are probably the most popular wellington boots brand in the world since although Hunter have a great range of traditional boots they have also embraced the modern desire for many people to wear wellingtons not just for utility purposes but also as exciting and colourful accessories. Hunter’s most famous wellies, the original green wellingtons, were made over 50 years ago and as well as booting many diehard county folk they are recognised around the world, but no more so than among the royal family, including read more > >

For the keen walker there is an enormous range of walking boots currently available. Not only are there heavy, robust boots for rugged conditions but also lighter boots for summer walking trips. While traditional leather uppers remain popular, in addition new lighter, “breathable” waterproof fabrics are now used. Walking boots are increasingly available to suit almost any sort of feet, whether you need narrow or wide fittings, it is essential that you choose the correct footwear. Walking in the wrong boots can be pure hell. Therefore it is vital to read more > >

The hallmark of a true gentleman is a neat well-manicured personage in impeccable, well-tailored, preferably bespoke clothes that fit perfectly and appear to be worn effortlessly. He will always wear faultless, well-cut couturier clothes which make an impression yet don’t set out to attract attention. In his wardrobe there will be a strong sense of ‘mix and match’, many items being years old but so rich in quality that their age is undetectable, as old favourites are given a new lease of life with a glamorous silk evening scarf or read more > >

The true English lady is immaculate, but never extravagant; she has no need to impress, only to be polished. Her art is in knowing what suits her age, build and complexion. She religiously avoids brash colours, high fashion gimmicks and juvenile designs. She will, for the most part, also steer well clear of flouncy bows, over-short hemlines, too many designer labels, large flowery hats, black leather and an over-abundance of heavy clanking jewellery. Within the upper class confines of not deliberately drawing attention to themselves many English ladies have developed read more > >

If you are a man who likes the look and feel of handmade formal shoes you can’t do better than considering Loake shoes. By appointment to HM the Queen as royal shoemakers, the Loake family has been producing fine, handmade men’s footwear for longer than anyone can remember. The tradition began in 1880, when three brothers – Thomas, John and William – opened a factory in Northamptonshire in the heart of the English shoemaking industry. The aim was to provide the most handsome, comfortable and durable gentlemen’s shoes possible. Today, more than read more > >

If classic clothing is the basis of all true fashion then just what constitutes British dress sense? Any stranger to London, walking down a busy street would find it difficult to define exactly what is the correct dress code in Britain. As in most modern nations there are now large sectors of the population that embrace an ascending dowdy style. Especially the younger generation where anything goes just so long as it is easy and comfortable! Fashion too, with trendy new designers, can be fluid, fickle and confusing: breaking all read more > >