We simply love the gorgeous typically English stuff from Emma Bridgewater. She now has a beautiful British online shop run by her and husband Matthew Rice. The core of the business is pottery, which is made with loving care in much the same way as it would have been in Victorian times when the factory was built.

Emma Bridgewater, the oldest daughter of a designer, grew up in Oxford, where her mother’s welcoming kitchen was dominated by a scrubbed pine kitchen table and a big dresser covered in colourful, mismatched china including big Victorian meat plates, pretty cups and saucers and generous jugs big enough for a bunch of flowers from the garden.

The company evolved in 1985 by when Emma was searching for a birthday present for her mother and couldn’t find what she wanted. It was then that she realised that here was the opportunity she had been looking for; the pottery she sought for her mum was what every cosy kitchen needed. So she set out to design it herself.

Many of Emma Bridgewater’s delightful designs are also adapted for application onto textiles, glass, tin, stationery and melamine and lots of further developments are planned in the studio; wherever possible these new products are sourced in the UK.

Emma graduated from London University and worked for knitwear designers Muir & Osborne until she met Matthew who was the only son of designer Pat Albeck and theatre set designer Peter Rice. Matthew designed bespoke furniture and also produced a range of stationery and desk accessories featuring his watercolour paintings of Venice, country houses and farms.

After marrying Emma Matthew joined forces with Emma after their marriage in 1987 and he now collaborates on designs in partnership with her. Matthew and Emma work closely on designs together, for unique ideas that then decorate your kitchen.

Matthew also designs for Emma Bridgewater, where he indulges his passion for birdlife. The early family life which inspired the Emma Bridgewater business took place round the kitchen table, and that is still the focus of Emma and Matthew’s life with their four children today.

If you love really beautiful country style items do visit www.emmabridgewater.co.uk