Who would have thought that a redesigned airline trolley could provide luxury storage space for your home, as well as an extraordinary interior design feature? Well Skypak has done just that. Besides its mobile functions and the practical storage space, the Skypak Luxury Trolley can also be viewed as unusual decorative feature in your home. These trolleys are fully customizable as the people at Skypak found an ingenious way to turn the well known airline trolley into a great piece of luxury furniture.

Shelves and drawers made of aluminum or walnut can be purchased as additional elements; thanks to the side runners, pulling the drawers out and pushing them back in is child’s play. These additional features can instantly transform your personal trolley into somewhere to keep special items. 

A good example would be a CD rack or filing cabinet, which, containing your favourite music or secret documents, can also be protected from unwanted intrusion simply by attaching a padlock. This whole range of possibilities is also available in some outstanding luxury designs and there are three extraordinary models available. The Skypak Luxury Edition comprises ‘PURE GOLD’, ‘BISAZZA MOSAICO’ and the ‘LUXURY CRYSTAL’ model. These three sublime airline trolleys combine practical and functional storage space with outstanding luxury; the result being a one-of-a-kind piece of glamorous furniture.

The illustrious ‘Pure Gold’ trolley (see top picture) is refined with 24-Carat gold leaf. The trolley is made manually and with the highest precision. The gold-plated pedals accomplish this exquisite gold interior. Besides this model, the range features also a trolley designed in cooperation with one of the top luxury brands in the design sector – Bisazza. Bisazza is the industry’s leading producer of glass mosaic for interior and outdoor decoration.

The trolley ‘Bisazza Mosaico’ (see left) is available in two colors, Isotta and Stripes Fall Both trolleys gain their noble look at the home of the brand Bisazza in Alte Vicenza, Northern Italy. The exquisite glass mosaic turns the trolley into a marvelous piece of luxury furniture.

The ‘Luxury Crystal’ trolley is the flagship of Skypak. This trolley is probably the most extraordinary piece of furniture ever made. Designed by Skypak founder Peter Jorge Fischer and adorned with 82,000 crystals of the luxury brand Swarovski Elements this airline trolley is the most remarkable trolley of the Luxury edition. This airline trolley is accomplished by chromium-plated pedals.

When Skypak launched its first airplane trolleys for use in private homes, the mobile mini bars quickly became ‘must have’ items for any smart, up-to-date homeowner.

With entrepreneurial foresight and a team of creative young designers, Peter Jorge Fischer has turned the robust airline service trolleys into original objects of desire. The Luxury edition, available since June 2011, created a furor worldwide. If you have a weakness for the phenomenal flight furniture by Skypak and particular taste of luxury design you can get one of these new items of remarkable furniture for your home by visiting the company website at www.skypak.de