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Keeping livestock in a large country garden, or paddock, for food and profit is really nothing like it was in ‘The Good Life’ on TV where you will recall that the whole focus of the programme was based on the fact that even in totally unsuitable circumstances Tom and Barbara had a go at smallholding, albeit in a very naïve and amateur manner. We all know that away from the liberty of fiction, due to a deluge of government regulations, it is not that easy these days when keeping farm livestock.

However, it is possible to feed yourself from livestock in your garden, so long as you have the right set up for the right numbers of animals. Better still concentrate on a specialist market place that is too hands-on or labour intensive for the larger farming conglomerates, there is always a place for rare or unusual products. Read more »

If you relish the idea of staying in a stately home, castle or large country house you can do no better than using the exclusive contacts provided by Unique Home Stays. Affording exclusive access to some of the most extraordinary country houses in the UK and overseas, Unique Home Stays stunning selection of very individual and breathtaking properties range from spacious coastal pads perfect for a relaxed get-together to stately homes bedecked with lavish antiques, beautiful fresh flowers and exquisite classic style furnishings.

There’s an ideal ‘unique’ venue for every occasion; from summer getaways to festive breaks and celebratory weekenders. From fully catered, staffed stays to luxury self-catered homes, tailor your break to suit your group. Read more »

If you want to learn to play polo properly you need to start with a sympathetic and experienced teacher who is used to dealing with all levels of horsemanship. In other words you need to place your trust in a place where people from all walks of life learn to play polo at a level that is both fun and encouraging. It is important that you find a polo school that builds your confidence at a steady realistic pace until you reach the point where you feel ready to take part in your very first chukka and hit that ball across the pitch. The famous Ascot Park Polo Academy is one such place.

Just a 20 minute drive from London Heathrow airport, in rural Berkshire, is a well-established polo academy where the rich and famous play polo and yet total beginners are well catered for and encouraged. Read more »

Whether your charity is affluent or not, there is always an onus upon those working for the cause to ensure that every penny donated or raised is spent responsibly. The less that is spent on marketing, fundraising events or even administration, the more that can be spent directly on frontline services. So being a ‘budget-aware-marketeer’ is an essential ingredient of guaranteed success.

The first step for anyone running an event for charity should be to ‘work’ your contacts. Contacts are the life-force of any charity; it comes down to the old adage ‘it’s not what you know, it’s who you know’. A strong charity is built upon the solid foundations of its supporters. It is certainly not solely about generous donations of money but willing donations of time, resources, services and products. Read more »

Who would have thought that a redesigned airline trolley could provide luxury storage space for your home, as well as an extraordinary interior design feature? Well Skypak has done just that. Besides its mobile functions and the practical storage space, the Skypak Luxury Trolley can also be viewed as unusual decorative feature in your home. These trolleys are fully customizable as the people at Skypak found an ingenious way to turn the well known airline trolley into a great piece of luxury furniture.

Shelves and drawers made of aluminum or walnut can be purchased as additional elements; thanks to the side runners, pulling the drawers out and pushing them back in is child’s play. These additional features can instantly transform your personal trolley into somewhere to keep special items.  Read more »

Amanda Wakeley designs are enduring  favourites with smart women about town as well as a plethora of famous faces. She  launched her own signature label in 1990 and over the last twenty years or so has developed an enviable international reputation for designing stylish and utterly luxurious womenswear and accessories.

Once on her stylish website, you can easily click through to the fashion e-store. Here you can order from her fabulously chic collection which includes dresses and separates and outstanding accessories such as belts, scarves and jewellery. Not for nothing is Amanda Wakeley the winner of several awards, including three British Fashion Awards for Glamour. She has a fantastic brand heritage and loyal customer base who eagerly await the new season designs. Read more »

Let’s face it a piece of jewellery made from diamonds is likely to be one of the most prized possessions of your life, especially if it is an engagement ring or a beautiful heirloom, passed on from a close relative. The beauty of a diamond is more than skin deep since they are considered by most people to be the hardest substance on earth. This said though they are not indestructible for while they can be cut or polished only by another diamond, a hard crushing blow can cause them to chip so it is very unwise to wear diamond jewellery when doing rough work.

Do avoid wearing a diamond ring when doing any kind of housework or manual labour. It is best to only wear a diamond ring when you can relax or go out. When not being worn, it should be kept somewhere secure and memorable. Read more »