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Country Wisdom Country Wisdom Country Wisdom Country Wisdom Country Wisdom Country Wisdom

In a bygone era children growing up in the countryside would hear old country sayings that were expressions of wisdom that had been related to their fathers and their fathers before them. England before the industrial revolution was largely made up of deep-rooted country communities, which drew strength from each other, and the local sage was not just some quaint old character you might buy a drink for at the pub, but a well-respected member of the village, that people turned to in times of trouble. Many people couldn’t read or write and often these simple rhymes reminded them to live in harmony with their surrounding and to accept their simple lives that were all too often filled with hardship and sorrow.

Over the centuries tilling, sowing and harvesting the land and tending their animals taught vulnerable rural populations to respect Mother Nature and work with, rather than against, the seasons and the weather, passing on their observations, experience and wisdom to future generations. Thus proverbs, folklore and even superstition became part of everyday life and even the language.

Reading these timeless country sayings and naïve verses opens a charming gateway to the past. We have listed some of our personal favourites for you to enjoy and take a nostalgic step back in time.

The moon on its back – holds water in its lap
If the moon shows a silver shield
Be not afraid to reap your field

If the birds begin to sing in January Frosts are on the way
A storm of hail brings a frost in its tail
See a pin and pick it up
All day long you’ll have good luck

It’s going to rain when cows lie down
So hurry and seek shelter in the town
Rain before seven – fine by eleven

Red sky at night is shepherd’s delight
Red sky in the morning is shepherd’s warning

The blackest month of all the year
Is the month of Janiveer
If the grass do grow in Janiveer
It grows the worse for it all the year

Do freeze the pot upon the fire
A wet January a wet spring
If February brings no rain – ’tis neither good for grass or grain

In February if thou hearest thunder
Thou shalt see a summer wonder
Clear moon – frost soon
Spill salt for sorrow – spill sugar for joy
February fill dyke – be it black or be it white
A February Spring is worth nothing
At Candlemas Day – ’tis time to sow beans in clay

As the day lengthens
So the cold strengthens
March hack ham- comes in like a lion – goes out like a lamb
A peck of March dust is worth a king’s ransom
The early bird catches the worm
So many misties in March – so many frosties in May

If the oak be out before the ash
There’ll only be a little splash
If the ash be out before the oak
Then there’ll be a regular soak
Rain on Good Friday or Easter Day
A good crop of hops, but a bad one of hay
Easter come soon, or Easter come late
It’s sure to make the old cow quake
Hawthorn bloom and elder flowers
Fill the house with evil powers

When the elm is as big as a mouse’s ear. Then sow barley, never fear
Rooks only build their nests where there is money
In spring, hair is worth more than meat
April weather; rain and sunshine both together

If it thunder on All Fool’s Day
It brings good crops of grass and hay
Put salt on his tail to catch a bird
When April blows his horn
‘Tis good for both hay and corn
If the bees stay at home – rain will soon come
If they fly away – fine will be the day
An April flood carries away the frog and his brood
You might as well be hanged for a sheep as a lamb

If the cock crow when they go to bed
They’ll sure wake with a watery head

When you hear the cuckoo shout
‘Tis time to plant your tetties out
Ashen tree, ashen tree pray buy these warts off me
Don’t put all your eggs in one basket
Change not a clout till May be out
Who doffs his coat on a winter’s day
Will gladly put it on again in May

Shear your sheep in May
And shear them all away
Don’t count your chickens before they are hatched
If your whipstock’s made of rowan
You may ride through any town

When the cuckoo sings on an empty bough
Keep your hay and sell your cow
Cut thistles in May – they grow in a day
Cut them in June – that is too soon
Cut them in July – they will surely die
A cold May and a windy – a full barn will find ye

Mist in May and heat in June
Brings all things into tune
Wash blankets in May – you’ll soon be under clay
One magpie for sorrow – two for mirth
Three for a wedding – four for a birth
June damp and warm – does the farmer no harm
Cider on beer – is very good cheer
Beer on cider – makes a bad rider
It’s no good locking the stable door after the horse has bolted
Mackerel sky – rain is nigh
A dripping June keeps all in tune

A swarm of bees in May is worth a load of hay
A swarm of bees in June is worth a silver spoon
A swarm of bees in July is not worth a fly
In July shear your rye
St. Swithin’s Day if it do rain
For forty days it will remain
St. Swithin’s Day an it be fair
For forty days t’will rain nae mair

If the 24th of August be fair and clear
Then hope for a prosperous autumn that year
All the tears of St. Swithen can cry
St. Bartlemy’s mantle wipes them dry
Fair on September first – fair for the month
You can take a horse to water but you cannot make him drink
As wet as a fish – as dry as a bone
As live as a bird – as dead as a stone

September blows soft
‘Till the fruits in the loft
September dries up wells or breaks down bridges

A good October and a good blast
To blow the hog, acorn and mast
Eat an apple on going to bed
And you’ll keep the doctor from earning his bread
Don’t look a gift horse in the mouth
In October dung your field – and your land its wealth shall yield
November take flail – let no ships sail
If there’s ice in November that will bear a duck
There’ll be nothing after but sludge and muck

Plough deep, sluggards sleep
And you have corn to keep
A windy Christmas day – a good crop of fruit
Hours of sun on Christmas day
So many frosts in the month of May

If Christmas day be bright and clear
There’ll be two winters in that year
A green Yule means a full churchyard

Bounce buckram velvets dear
Christmas comes but once a year
When it comes it brings good cheer
And when it’s gone it’s never near


The British are a nation of gardeners who come in all shapes, sizes and levels of expertise. This said no matter what type of garden people tend and nurture without doubt every keen gardener loves nothing more than visiting the local garden centre or nursery. Here the horticultural enthusiast can wander round for hours at a time choosing hardy plants, trees, bedding display plants, roses, alpines, climbing plants, hedging, spring bulbs, garden machinery, garden furniture, water garden features, compost, tools, huge clay pots, raised growing beds, statues, sheds, paving, water butts, greenhouses, garden equipment, conservatory furniture, gazebos, garden arches, patio heaters and barbecues.

For those that don’t have the time or the inclination to drive to their nearest garden centre or can’t find a specialist nursery close to home there is the nowadays the wonderful option of buying everything you could wish for for online. This is something earlier generations were never able to take advantage of , so all gardening enthusiasts should thank their lucky stars that modern technology has come to the aid of one of the oldest occupations on the planet.

To help you in your quest to find exactly what you need or desire for you garden we have featured a list of worthwhile and reliable garden suppliers that either sell face to face or online or indeed offer both options. So there is no excuse to not have the most beautiful garden in your neighbourhood!


This very famous and well loved company is one of the UK’s leading suppliers of mail order gardening products. Their enormous range features over 6,000 products including sometimes rare plants and seeds. It is an enduring company which has more than one hundred and fifty years of accumulated horticultural knowledge and experience which it uses to offer customers the very best in bulbs, plants, fruit and garden equipment, cold frames, birdcare and of course an unrivalled selection of unusual or rare seeds including an exciting range of wildflower seeds, including an exciting and fruitful butterfly mix. Visit Website


Garden Seat aims to provide a seasonal view of the garden from the relaxing perspective of a garden seat. The site is a garden shopping comparison site for outdoor furniture including seats, garden benches, garden tables, garden dining sets, picnic benches and garden swings as well as many other outdoor living items such as gazebos, parasols, chimineas, pots, planters, water features and conservatory furniture. In addition the site has a large and useful gardening blog where you can find a plethora of advice and ideas designed to help all types of gardeners from those who have few pots on a town balcony or cultivate an allotment to those who garden on large country estates.

You’ll find a wealth of practical help and information and inspiration for your tackling own garden and this unique site can save you literally hours searching on the web. Everything shown on the site is listed with prices ranging from low to high and you can browse for you want by checking out relevant information by size, shape and specific materials including teak, wicker, metal,  rattan or fabric. Visit Website.


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Gardening Direct, aim to enable you to get the most pleasure from your garden by offering you a choice of great value, top quality plants, grown under greenhouse conditions and delivered direct to your door. More and more people are finding that dealing with them is the easy way to enable them to plan their garden, whatever the time of year. You can browse through their site and order from the comfort of your own home, knowing that all their plants are covered by a 100% guarantee. They offer a vast range of bedding plants, perennials, shrubs, bulbs, fruit and vegetables, patio plants, seeds, roses and watering equipment. Visit Website


UK Water Features is a friendly Yorkshire based company specialising in indoor and outdoor garden water features. With everything from modern stainless steel designs to traditional tiered fountains, they have it. All of their water features are self-contained, easy to install and require very little maintenance. As well as providing a relaxing focal point to your garden, their indoor water features are absolutely ideal for use in your home or office. A huge range of indoor and garden water features with a complimentary range of garden lighting, furniture, and paving. This company not only sells pumps and pond stuff it also sells garden furniture, garden buildings and more. Visit Website

It is in the countryside that affection, warmth, respect for living things and a feeling of belonging are still tangible. This is why Britian is an enduringly beautiful land with tranquil images that in some places have scarcely changed at all in the past five hundred years. Images to be enjoyed and savoured as though looking through the pages of an old photo album.

Images such as a flower-strewn meadow, a singing brook, an old packhorse bridge, sleepy villages with pink-washed cottages and dark creaky pubs, fragrant with polish, wet dogs and cider. Colourful, billowing gardens that spill through old white fencing, noisy smithies that smell of hot coals and sweating horses, teashops with Earl Grey tea and cinnamon toast and richly perfumed bluebell woods.

Handsome manor houses built in mellow stone and ancient farms resilient against time and the weather. White cob barns full of sweet hay and newborn calves with milky breath. Rooks clattering high above the village green, that echoes with the whack of a ball on willow on warm summer evenings and the cry of a huntsman and hounds on cold frosty mornings.

Such are pictures of Britain’s past and present; a tapestry of pageantry, tradition and natural beauty, woven into the pattern of everyday life. We have gathered together some of our favourite country pictures for your enjoyment. Simply click on the link below to see a slideshow of the British countryside at its best.


To view all the countryside images please click on the first, or any subsequent, picture and wait for it to load in its full size.

Country Images Country Images Country Images Country Images
Country Images Country Images Country Images Country Images
Country Images Country Images Country Images Country Images
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Keeping livestock in a large country garden, or paddock, for food and profit is really nothing like it was in ‘The Good Life’ on TV where you will recall that the whole focus of the programme was based on the fact that even in totally unsuitable circumstances Tom and Barbara had a go at smallholding, albeit in a very naïve and amateur manner. We all know that away from the liberty of fiction, due to a deluge of government regulations, it is not that easy these days when keeping farm livestock.

However, it is possible to feed yourself from livestock in your garden, so long as you have the right set up for the right numbers of animals. Better still concentrate on a specialist market place that is too hands-on or labour intensive for the larger farming conglomerates, there is always a place for rare or unusual products. Read more »

If you relish the idea of staying in a stately home, castle or large country house you can do no better than using the exclusive contacts provided by Unique Home Stays. Affording exclusive access to some of the most extraordinary country houses in the UK and overseas, Unique Home Stays stunning selection of very individual and breathtaking properties range from spacious coastal pads perfect for a relaxed get-together to stately homes bedecked with lavish antiques, beautiful fresh flowers and exquisite classic style furnishings.

There’s an ideal ‘unique’ venue for every occasion; from summer getaways to festive breaks and celebratory weekenders. From fully catered, staffed stays to luxury self-catered homes, tailor your break to suit your group. Read more »

If you want to learn to play polo properly you need to start with a sympathetic and experienced teacher who is used to dealing with all levels of horsemanship. In other words you need to place your trust in a place where people from all walks of life learn to play polo at a level that is both fun and encouraging. It is important that you find a polo school that builds your confidence at a steady realistic pace until you reach the point where you feel ready to take part in your very first chukka and hit that ball across the pitch. The famous Ascot Park Polo Academy is one such place.

Just a 20 minute drive from London Heathrow airport, in rural Berkshire, is a well-established polo academy where the rich and famous play polo and yet total beginners are well catered for and encouraged. Read more »

Whether your charity is affluent or not, there is always an onus upon those working for the cause to ensure that every penny donated or raised is spent responsibly. The less that is spent on marketing, fundraising events or even administration, the more that can be spent directly on frontline services. So being a ‘budget-aware-marketeer’ is an essential ingredient of guaranteed success.

The first step for anyone running an event for charity should be to ‘work’ your contacts. Contacts are the life-force of any charity; it comes down to the old adage ‘it’s not what you know, it’s who you know’. A strong charity is built upon the solid foundations of its supporters. It is certainly not solely about generous donations of money but willing donations of time, resources, services and products. Read more »